Building plot for hotel - The Beach House Hotel - Desert Spring Resort - Villaricos

04618 Villaricos

The Beach House Hotel
Desert Springs Resort, Almanzora. Located on the steam boat lake. All rooms have a view of the lake and golf courses.
Desert Springs Resort is recognized as a high quality resort, in particular for its facilities and services.
These realizations form a solid basis for new investments for the development of the next phase in supply and development, that of a full range of tourist facilities.
The key to this development is the development of the resort with hotel accommodations.
In that sense, the construction of the Beach House hotel is planned according to location, construction, etc. Investors are thus offered the opportunity to support the project within the existing framework of the resort. Number of units, 168
These units will be developed in two phases: on the one hand the construction of 108 rooms including 10 units with two bedrooms, afterwards and on the other hand the development of 60 rooms.
The resort's owners-shareholders are open to various financial proposals in support of the project, such as:
√ Joint venture
√ Debt financing
√ cooperation from a fund, an SPV or any other
√ Commitment to the land or the entire project
All available properties, general info and plans available at the office.
We personally guide you in Dutch / English / French and Spanish until after the purchase.
Ref: S.19.014.01 '

  • Reference: S.19.014.01'
  • Total Area: 4500 m²

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